Band Camp   
July 27 - August 1

     This is an invitation for you to join us for BAND CAMP 2020 at Shelby High School.  Even though the future is still being written, we have begun planning for band camp to be held at the end of July, and we want you to be a part of this great organization this year!

     We are not sure how it will look, but we have set the date, picked the music, and began the plans of putting together the best band ever!


  • Band Camp dates July 27th - July 31st

  • Pre-camp activities (uniforms, section meetings, etc) the week prior


 All students should be signed up.  If not, please contact the director.


There will a class fee again this year for band, but we will collect it at Bandcamp.  The cost will be $100 (the same as last year), and you can pay as you can at that time. 


Come join the fun!


Curt Isakson

High School Director of Bands

Erin Ray

Middle School Director of Bands

Contact the directors

 231 282 0389 cell




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