Hello future band students!

I am so excited to welcome you in our band class! Our first step will be getting your very own instrument. If you are online, you can still rent an instrument and we'll get you started with the basics from home. Your big decision will be which instrument to invest in. We'll go over all of the details of each of them but until now, check out our videos below!

Students have been sent a Google Classroom invite where all of their work will be posted. 

Our instrumental fitting/rental date is on January 28th 6-8pm in the Shelby Middle School Cafeteria. 

Please use the form below to sign for a slot so we can get you safely fitted. If none of the times work for you, contact me and we'll take care of you.

Instrumental Fitting/Rental Form 

Beginning Band 

Pictured above are our current 7th graders who were in our beginning band last year!

Have any questions?  eray@shelby.k12.mi.us

Meet Your Teacher!

Hello, my name is Ms. Ray! I love to make music whenever I can and get to know new people! I am so excited to start you on an instrument so you can achieve success and make an incredible impact on your community! When I'm not making music, I like to make art and spend time outdoors.

Contact the directors 


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