Beginning Band 

Updated for week of May 17th

Hello future 6th graders!

Check out our video below to listen to some of the starting instruments! 

If you are currently a 6th grade student in our band, your official source of information will be on our Cadet Band page and our Google Classroom. This page is now for our upcoming 6th graders who are interested in our band program! The four starting instruments to choose from include:

1. Flute

2. Clarinet

3. Trumpet

4. Trombone

A couple of my friends have also put together some videos to show you how they sound and look! Feel free to watch and think about what instrument would best suit you!

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Looking forward to making some music!

-Ms. Ray

Now that we have learned about the four starting instruments, check out a couple recordings. Featured below is flute and trombone!

Contact the directors

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