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Travel - an important part of the curriculum of Shelby Bands

     The band's been everywhere and we are still planning on continuing the tradition of travel and performance throughout the community and country.  The bands have performed on many great stages including BB King's Blues Club right on Beale in Memphis, on the stage at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland just before the B52's were to perform, on the steps of Lincoln Memorial at our nation's capital, and the list goes on . . .

     Trips give the students a chance to take their talents and use them to gain opportunities to see the world.  Trips open the eyes of the students who may never get the chance to see these important places.  It also gives them a chance to travel and be a part of a unique organization here at Shelby. 

Shelby Bands will be traveling to Washington DC November 2023!

Washington DC- NOVEMBER 2023

New York City
New York City
MAY 2012
May 2008 -
MAY 2010
Disney World
MAY 2014
Washington D.C.
MAY 2006

The history is so rich at the capital and the band enjoyed some great performance opportunities.  They performed right on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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