7-8th Grade Bands

We take pride in our Middle School Band program. Congratulations 8th graders on completing your solo performance on October 19th! We are on to Holiday music next!

Reminder, your flipgrid assignment is due every Saturday by 11:59pm. Just go to Flipgrid.com and put in our access code given in class or Google-Classroom! You have the whole week to complete this assignment. Your practice logs are due every Monday at the start of class. Online students, you find yours under Classwork and practice log as a survey.

Scales are our ongoing project, if you don't have yours click that pink button at the bottom of this page and it'll take you to your scales. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email Ms. Ray at eray@shelby.k12.mi.us

Click the pink button for proficiency I scales!

Contact the directors 


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